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About us


Face Magik has been established in 2018 and has a medical license for the production of LED Light beauty related products. We own the official brand registration and sell our online LED light therapy products through this website.  

Our LED Face Masks have a patented technology that contours and covers the entire facial area with rejuvenating LED light. NASA first discovered the healing power of light when exploring the effects of LEDs. They discovered that LED light has a huge therapeutic effect on the human body.

Face Magik offers a broad range of LED products for use at home and also for professionals. All our LED face masks and other LED products offer many therapeutic treatments that are safe, non-invasive and chemical free.

Hospitals and medical clinics use Light therapy as a treatment for many skin conditions including psoriasis, vitiligo, scleroderma and other skin disorders. Light therapy slows down the cell growth and inflammation that causes skin problems to develop.